Welcome to the Department of Physics at the University College Cork.

The Department of Physics is one of Ireland’s largest, most dynamic centres of scientific development with a focus on excellence in both education and research, and a particularly strong track record in PhD education.

The strength of our undergraduate degree programmes in both physics and astrophysics attracts a large cohort of talented students to study physics at UCC. Our research strength also attracts many international post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists to our department, making it a large, cosmopolitan place for the advancement of science.

The Department of Physics plays an important strategic role in the region through its extensive interactions with industry both nationally and internationally.



Physics Department Senior Technical Officers Robin Gillen and Christy Roche both recently retired from the  Physics Department.

A function for the  retirement of Christy Roche was held in the Kane building. UCC President Pat O’Shea, Prof John McInerney and Physics department staff participated in a very enjoyable evening.

A presentation was made to Robin Gillen in the common room by Prof John McInerney to mark his retirement. This was attended by Physics department staff and students.


christy retirement 2

President Pat O’Shea, Prof John McInerney and Physics department Technical Officers at function to mark the retirement of Christy Roche after 46 years service to the Physics Department.

Bob retirement 2

Prof John McInerney making a presentation to Robin Gillen to mark his retirement after 48 years service to the Physics Department.

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