North-South Quantum Information Winter School 2010
Monday, 25.01.2010
12:00  Arrival at NUIM
13:00  Lunch in John Hume building (O'Briens)
16:00  Tea and Biscuits
16:30   Tutorial: Photon-atom interactions in ultracold gases: cooling and collisions
Jim McCann
17:30   Classical networks
Gareth Cochrane
17:45   Thermal version of multipartite entangled coherent states and nonlocality
Gerard McKeown
18:00   Topological Order in Lattice Spin Models - Abelain to non-Abelian through fermionization
Graham Kells
19:00  Dinner (self organised)
Tuesday, 26.01.2010
08:00  Breakfast
09:00   Tutorial: Topological I
Jiri Vala / Joost Slingerland
10:00   Tutorial: Quantum Random Walks with Memory
Michael Mc Gettrick
11:00  Coffee and Biscuits
11:30   Tutorial: Nanophotonics meets Quantum Optics
Sile Nic Chormaic
13:00  Lunch in John Hume building (O'Briens)
14:00   Tutorial: Topological II
Joost Slingerland / Jiri Vala
15:00   Tutorial: Photons
Myungshik Kim
16:00   Muddy Pitch Soccer Death Match
19:00  Dinner at the Avenue Cafe Restaurant
Wednesday, 27.01.2010
08:00  Breakfast
09:00   Tutorial: Less is not necessarily more: multipartite entanglement, measures and pouring
Mauro Paternostro
10:30   Tutorial: WGM microspherical resonators
Jonathan Ward
11:00  Coffee and Biscuits
11:30   Optimal Control and Stuff
Tommaso Calarco
13:00  Fin

List of Posters
High optical quality MOVPE grown Quantum Dots (L. Mereni, V. Dimastrodonato, G. Juska, E. Pelucchi)
Entanglement of two atoms in spatially separated harmonic traps (T. Fogarty)
Transmission Effects through an Optical Nanofibre in a Rubidium Vapour Cell (A. Watkins)
Optical Manipulation of Microspheres using a Tapered Fibre (M. Frawley)
Coherent Control of Atoms On Atom Chips Using STIRAP (T. Morgan)
Information-flux approach to the dynamics of quantum many-body systems (C. DiFranco)
Vortex entanglement in Bose-Einstein condensates coupled to Laguerre-Gauss beams (N. LoGullo)
Thermal version of multipartite entangled coherent states and their nonlocality (G. McKeown)
Passing quantum correlations to qubits using any two-mode state (S. Campbell)
Vortex Qubits in Bose-Einstein Condensates (S. McEndoo)
Controlled Creation of Spatial Superposition States for Single Atoms (B. O'Sullivan)
Atomic Fluorescence Coupled into an Optical Nanofibre: Theory (L. Russell)
Optical Nanofibres as Probes for Cold Atoms (K. Deasy)
Topological Quantum Computation, the Braid Group and Rings (R. Ainsworth)
Quantum Foundation of Statistical Physics (J. Cho)
Optical lattice clock with Yb atoms (Sun Kyung Lee)
Finite Size Effects in the Kitaev Honeycomb Lattice Model (N. Moran)

List of Participants
Ainsworth, Robert (NUIM)
Ballester, Daniel (QUB)
Bolukbasi, Ahmet Tuna (NUIM)
Burella, Glen (NUIM)
Busch, Thomas (UCC)
Campbell, Steve (QUB)
Cho, Jaeyoon (QUB)
Cochrane, Gareth (QUB)
Daly, Mark (UCC)
Deasy, Kieran (CIT)
di Franco, Carlo (UCC)
Dimastrodonato, Valeria (Tyndall)
Forgarty, Thomas (UCC)
Frawley, Mary (UCC)
Goold, John (UCC)
Juska, Gediminas (Tyndall)
Kells, Graham (NUIM)
Kim, Myungshik (QUB)
Lamb, Hugo (QUB)
Lee, Sunkyung (QUB)
LoGullo, Nicola (UCC)
McCann, Jim (QUB)
McEndoo, Suzanne (UCC)
Mc Gettrick, Michael
McKeown, Gerard (QUB)
Mereni, Lorenzo (Tyndall)
Moran, Niall (NUIM)
Morgan, Tadhg (UCC)
Nic Chormaic, Sile (UCC)
O'Sullivan, Brian (UCC)
Paternostro, Mauro (QUB)
Pelucchi, Emanuelle (Tyndall)
Rodriguez, Ivan (NUIM)
Russel, Laura (UCC)
Rutherford, Lauren (QUB)
Ryan, Cormac (UCC)
Ryan, Evan (UCC)
Slingerland, Joost (NUIM)
Vala, Jiri (NUIM)
Ward, Jonathan (UCC)
Watkins, Amy (UCC)
Wu, Yuqiang (UCC)

Financial Support